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About my Work

I've been an acrylic painter for several years, having turned to that medium as a compromise to my messy first love, Collage, when my home was "toddlerized!" After my space became more manageable once more, I ventured back into that mixed medium that had always been calling my name! By this time I had years of practice as an acrylic painter and had been exhibiting my paintings for some time. My new collage pieces took on an added dimension with the intermixing of my acrylic paint experience. You can see examples of my painting and collage work below, along with my philosophy on each...
To The Morning, 2008 acrylic on canvas 36x24"

Artist's Statement on Painting

My work in acrylic paint borrows objectives from the American Modernists, but I like to think I paint with my own brush. I  capture the essence of a scene without overt use of detail. I'd like my viewers to realize a sense of the landscape that reflects my own experience at being there, thus transporting them to the very moment of discovery. The feeling I hope to give is one, stripped down to a fleeting moment in time, devoid of unnecessary distraction. I'm excited by bold, opposing colors and intriguing spatial design. I love the interplay between earthly themes and metaphoric ideas. 

Worldsong, 2008
cut-paper collage on canvas, 12x16"

This piece was awarded 2nd place in Experimental/Abstract in The Artist's Magazine 2009 international Fine Art Competition. It appeared in the magazine's annual 'Year's Best Art' issue.
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Artist's Statement on Collage:

To me, creating collage is a process of 'hide and seek.' Out in the world, I seek, sorting through life, selecting scenes, looking for secrets. The seeking continues back in the studio. I search out colors, textures, value tones and fascinating images to tell the secrets I've found. Cut paper, shards of printed material lay scattered across the table. The pieces reassemble themselves to form a new entity, in a sort of alchemy. .It is a transmutation of the small, ordinary scraps into a more profound whole. The process complete, viewer becomes seeker—finding secrets I myself have hidden. My collage work represents playful interaction, between both the metaphoric inferences and within the mixing of mediums, creating a correspondence between the real and the imagined. 

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